Curious blogspam

I keep getting a lot of blogspam with the email “” and with links to Google’s main site. Normally I would block any link that shows up in a blogspam, but I don’t want to block Google, and there are not other links there.
It is not a huge problem – the comments are forced to moderation by Spamlookup and never show up on the public site, but I wonder what the purpose of this blogspamming is. I doubt that Google would resort or even need to promote themselves by blogspamming, so is this some sort of campaign to block Google links from blog comments or just plain incompetence?

1 thought on “Curious blogspam

  1. Eirik

    I’m getting the same stuff on a regular basis, and it is kind of baffling. Your Google links campaign theory sounds plausible to me.

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