Wal-Mart as Wimax Telco

Bob Cringely has an interesting idea: That Wal-Mart could become a WiMax operator. This makes sense – and leads me to wonder who the aggregator could be in Europe. Someone with continental presence, a strong network, many locations and the coffers necessary to outcompete the regular telcos. Some of the oil companies, possibly, using gas stations? There is no Wal-Mart in Europe, the retailers are market segmented, though some chain collaboration might work. McDonalds? Lack the network and the regulatory moxie. Hmmmm…..

4 thoughts on “Wal-Mart as Wimax Telco

  1. Fnord

    7/11 and Narvesen, perhaps? They’re distributed all over town, and should provide excellent coverage in the inner city. Many are also located near places that attract large crowds, such as subway stops.

  2. Anders

    7/11 and Narvesen have good coverage in Norway but aren’t at all widespread on continental Europe. WalMart’s equivalent in UK would be Sainsbury’s or Tesco, for example; in Europe Carrefour, Spar or maybe this is the killer app for all the new LIDL stores?

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