Tablets tabled for a while?

Simson Garfinkel is right on the money when, reflecting on the Tablet PC Nonrevolution, he says that “it seems that tablet PCs spend a large part of their lives serving as traditional laptops, with the stylus snug in its holster while the keyboard gets a vigorous workout.” Definitely my impression and experience as well.
I have a Toshiba T3500, which is a Tablet PC with a keyboard and a swivel screen. When deciding which model to get, I was torn between the tablet model and the sleek M100, an “executive” machine without tablet functionality, but lighter, with a slightly better screen, and slightly larger keyboard.
Do I regret the choice? I am not sure, I have used the drawing functionality of the tablet a bit, have tried to enter and edit text (still too clumsy, as Simson says), and have occasionally surfed in tablet mode, especially when reading long documents on the web. Playing FreeCell using a pen was great, but I have deleted that game to up my productivitiy a bit…..
The technology is not quite there yet – kind of like Windows 2.11, which gave an inkling of what would come (with Palm playing the role of Apple), but with too slow response time and not enough well-behaved programs. OneNote needs to be an integral part of Windows, the editing facilities need to be more intuitive (backspacing with a pen is too cumbersome, I want to scratch things out) and the drawing format must be more integrated into file formats, especially in Powerpoint. (I tried making a “handwriting” presentation in Powerpoint, to illustrate using new technology in traditional ways, but the drawing interface was too cumbersome and lacked pressure sensitivity. Pasting in things from Windows Journal took too long….)
Aside from that, the Toshiba gets suspiciously hot and has developed a rattle in the fan. Time to back up and call Toshiba customer service…..