Don’t buy Gevalia coffee

I just received a spam from Gevalia coffee (PDF here) – courtesy of spammer Optinrealbig, who tells me that I receive that message because I somehow have registered for it. I have never registered to receive junk mail about coffee, of course (in fact, I have never registered that email address for anything).
But how to get rid of this problem? I can, of course, follow the link to opt out of something I have never opted in for. But I think we need to simply hit back. As long as advertisers pay spammers, spam will proliferate. So here is my suggestion: Boycott any identifiable company that use email marketing, opt-in, opt-out or not.
So please, fellow bloggers and Internet users:
Their seemingly legal use of email marketing encourages pollution of inboxes all over Internet. Just get some other coffee. It’s easy….just spread the word!
(update below)
Update Aug. 8 2006: Before you start posting comments here, note the date of the initial entry – and read Will’s comment of Aug. 8 2006.

Update: Here is their email, and my answer:
Subject: Re: Spam from Gevalia <>
From: TerryCam
Date: Wed, 26 May 2004 15:27:25 GMT
Dear Gevalia® Customer;
Please accept our apologies for the unsolicited e-mail you received. We do our best to confirm the legitimate opt-in nature of all lists that we work with, and we take complaints such as yours very seriously.
Gevalia does partner with a number of opt-in e-mail list companies to distribute our offer to consumers who we believe might be interested in joining the Gevalia program. All of these partners have been reviewed by Gevalia to insure that they enforce opt-in enrollment in their lists, allow for easy opt-out in all of their outgoing emails, and have accessible privacy policies in place. The ability for you to easily opt-out of receiving additional offers from this list should be included in the original email, but we also stand ready to help resolve any issues you have with removing your address from the list.
Because many of the partners we work with manage a number of lists, it is possible for an email address to be inappropriately added to our mailings. However, we take this breach of contract very seriously and should we determine that the opt-in was not legitimate, we will discontinue our relationship with the mailer.
We will contact the list manager involved and request their records on the acquisition of your e-mail address as well as asking them that your name be removed from their list.
Again, we apologize for the inappropriate use of your email address. Should you require any additional information, please feel free to contact us.
Customer Service
Thank you for your quick reply. I can assure you that the opt-in was in no way legitimate, and look forward to receiving both an explanation of how this happend as well as confirmation of the termination of your relationship with Optinrealbig, as specified below. Until so confirmed, my notice at will stand.
Thank you very much,
Espen Andersen
Update May 27: I have now received 5 more of these spams, from various forged addresses, a conseqence of allowing them through Mozilla’s very capable “Bayesian” spam filter.
I just can’t understand the mindset of the marketing people in a company that uses those tactics – is it idiocy or cynicism? Or are there enough grandmothers out there that respond to spam no matter what, making it worthwhile?

70 thoughts on “Don’t buy Gevalia coffee

  1. Carter Kirk

    Gevalia is great coffee.
    I suggest you learn how to use your “delete” button.
    Gevalia has pleased European coffee drinkers for 150 years.
    Get over it.

  2. Cloud hill04

    Never buy Gevalia coffee maker and their coffee. I had a very bad experience with them. I received a promotion e-deal information from Gevallia for receiving a coffee maker and 2 coffee sample for only 5$. Then I placed the order and do receive the maker. From then on, they started to charge my credit card 28.35$ every month and also shiped me some coffee sample. I didn’t realize that it is not free till 3 month later. I tried to argued with them to get the credit back but they told me I automatically signed up the membership program when I bought 5$ coffee maker. That is definitely a very bad cheating.
    So be careful when you received any promotion from Gevalia. These guys are very sneaky.

  3. D. Smith

    I’ve ordered Gevalia coffee for a number of years now and have never received ANY email from them, either before or after my subscription began. I have always received orders on time and in good condition, and received a replacement thermal carafe in a matter of days when the free one sent with the initial order leaked. I can’t imagine why anyone would think that they are getting free coffee…
    They have excellent products and service and it has always been pretty clear what you are getting…or not getting.
    Too bad about the email thing??? Maybe I haven’t had that happen because I am a customer, so they don’t have to try to sign me up.

  4. Glenna Morrison

    I have used Gevalia coffee and had their free offers. They have always done exactly what they said they would and I was never deceived about the amount that was free and the amount I would be paying for. Plus it is really great coffee. And lots of nice gift items. No complaints from me. Great product.

  5. Angela

    I am a member of gevalia as well and never had a problem. My coffee maker that was free stopped working after about a month and a half. They asked no questionsm, I had a new one in 5 days, same color and everything. I guess if they sense you have an attitude and arent willing to work with them thats when they dont care. If you are flexible and are understanding thats when they are willing to help and work with you. There is also a delete button on the top of the email page…try using it! All this fuss, for what?

  6. Angela

    I am a member of Gevalia as well and never had a problem. My coffee maker that was free stopped working after about a month and a half. They asked no questions, I had a new one in 5 days, same color and everything. I guess if they sense you have an attitude and arent willing to work with them thats when they dont care. If you are flexible and are understanding thats when they are willing to help and work with you. There is also a delete button on the top of the email page…try using it! All this fuss, for what?

  7. missday

    I’ve been with gevalia for 5 years and have never had a problum with them. as far as im concerned they are one of the top companies out there. most people don’t read the enrollment offers fully to understand that the COFFEE MAKER IS THE FREE GIFT NOT THE COFFEE! you pay an introductory price for the coffee. Also MOST people dont fully read the membership guide that comes with the coffeemaker nad coffee that explains that you are enrolled into a membership program and you may change how often you want your shipments shiped and the types and amount of coffee you want. and your UNDER NO OBLIGATIN so you can CANCEL at any time all you have to do is PHONE them and they will cancel your account.
    Also when you recive your FREE coffee maker it is UNDER WARRANTY for 1 year and if your account is still active after the one year your coffeemaker is UNDERWARRANT UNTILL YOU CANCEL!!!
    and now about the emails do people not now that you can block companies from emailing you if you don’t want there emails. also you can OPT-OUT by emailing or call or do it your self on the companies website!! I think people just do not have enough things to complaine about. Just get over it it’s coffee and emails ……not the end of the world!

  8. Paul

    I recently joined Gevalia and have been very pleased. The free coffee maker is very nice – stainless steel & programmable. The coffee tastes VERY good and I can manage my orders on-line at their website. I called a few days ago to speed up the next delivery and they were very helpful.
    Spam is a fact of life as far as I can tell. I get lots of it everyday and it goes into the pre-filter folder where I check to make sure it’s all spam and then delete it. I never considered it a very big deal and can’t really relate to all the effort and concern you’ve put into this issue. Hopefully receiving a spam is the worst thing that will happen to you this year.

  9. Sara Melone

    Recently I joined gevalia by accepting a promotion e-deal for the POD BREWER. My husband & I are somewhat satisfied with the coffee due to the fact that we have gone thru 3 machines! they keep breaking! Set it for 8oz, you get 6, 12oz. you get 8, 6oz. you get 4! This does’nt happen all of the time, its very inconsistent, sometimes all you get is hot dirty water! this coffee is not cheap to be dumping every other cup away! Well, the fact that Gevalia did work with me 3 times I was willing to give it one more try especially when I saw in the latest catalog a new and different POD BREWER machine model. I thought “finally, enough complaints so they tweeked with it” I actually thought my model would have been recalled. So I called and to my disappointment Gevalia could not replace my deffective machine with the newer model, only with the same model (for the 4th time) or credit my last order of pods (4 boxes) and send me a totally different kind of machine (auto drip kind) I guess Im going to target or walmart and purchase a Senseo or something, but still use gevalia pods…Hopefully we will be able then to really enjoy a cup of Gevalia.

  10. Espen

    Well, they don’t get the point – it doesn’t matter how good the coffee and the service is, they shouldn’t use spammers.

  11. Dan

    Hello thanks to the OP for giving us the skinny on these crooks. I found their ad as an insert in a magazine and was googling to see if the free coffeemaker was really valued at 99 dollars as it says, and found a link to this.
    So apparently the catch is that you have to subscribe for at least 3 mos at 30 per month, so you pay 90 bux for a cheap coffeemaker and a little coffee.
    Thanks again and fuk u Gevalia

  12. Omar

    Thier are to many people making a storm from a water drop. Don’t buy gavelia becouse they send me a spam. Hey this is the net and spam like it or not will always come if you cry for each one I am so sorry for you. To the other baby that do not know how to read a offer. Why are you so special that should recieve premium coffe for fee?

  13. habby

    I agree – to think that you would go through the effort of creating a web entry and engaging in more than one instance of email correspondence, for what? – you got one spam email? Give me a break.
    Set up a better spam filter, or take the 2 seconds to click in and unsubscribe.
    Gevalia has a great product so don’t boycott their coffee because one random guy got a spam email once, and then made a website about it.
    Don’t you people have better things to do?

  14. Dolores Gallant

    I have had 2 Gavelia coffe promos and each one has been more that satisfactory. 15 years ago I got a coffee maker. Worked great. I moved. Another coffeemaker, different color. Still works great. Ready to move again, will I ask for another? You betcha ! I love Gevalia.

  15. Dolores Gallant

    I have had 2 Gavelia coffe promos and each one has been more that satisfactory. 15 years ago I got a coffee maker. Worked great. I moved. Another coffeemaker, different color. Still works great. Ready to move again, will I ask for another? You betcha ! I love Gevalia.

  16. Sandy

    I agree with the original poster. I had been all set to order Gevalia after I saw their ad in an in-flight magazine. Then they spammed me. That was it for me — I have a policy of never supporting spammers, no matter how good their product is. This is the thing I don’t understand — and no one on this thread has answered it: Why would a seemingly high-class company like Gevalia stoop to spamming? It definitely hurts their brand image. I don’t see any reason why gourmet coffee should be marketed like pills for penis enlargement. Not if they want people to respect their brand and their product, at least.


    My favorite coffee in the world is Gevalia!
    Somehow they reached me and I’m glad they did!
    I’m sorry that some are spammed. I can’t say I approve of that.

  18. Pennelope

    Oh, brew two cups of Gevalia Signature Blend and chill. Has this nation reached such a pathetic peak of frivolity that we should boycott any quality product because we’ve received an unsolicited ad. I used to think the statement “get a life” was overused and juvenile…but nothing seems more befitting of this trite complanat. And so, to the person who began this behest to boycott Gevalia, a company of good standing that brings added taste and class into our homes–we who appreciate the finer things in life, I respectfully respond…”get a life.” And it may please you to have a “Gevalia life.”

  19. Will

    For those who have written recently (late 2005 through present) that they have no problem with Gevalia spam,they probably don’t. Why? It would be unlikely that Gevalia would be engaged in illegal spam in 2006, or even late 2005. Reason? In April 2005, they were hit with an $11.3 million fine from the federal government for…, yep, …illegal spamming. Guess that hefty sum gave them pause and they’ve tried to be good boys since.

  20. Espen

    amazing how long a thread will last when people don’t read the byline. Anyway, I didn’t know about the spam fine – happy to hear it. Perhaps it is time to retire this topic…..

  21. Charlie

    Yeah, spamming is no big deal. And I suppose 11.3 megabucks is no big deal either! *SNAP* Bwahahaha!!! However, there might be a disturbing new development afoot. My wife has gotten recent (July 2006) email from them, which is spam best we can figure. A Google search on “gevalia” and “spam” is what brought me here today. Gonna hafta keep an eye on these Gevalia clowns… AND all these morons who think nothing (as in complete absence of thought) of supporting spammers. To them: May the email of a thousand spammers infest your inbox!

  22. Ruck

    I never thought about Gevelia, but most of you have convinced me to sign up. A new coffee maker?
    Great–i am on my way!

  23. bob

    One fact is undeniable: Spam is slowing down the ‘net. I receive about 200-250 e-mails a day, about 90% Spam. In the middle of the porn, pills, & stock tips are solicitations from otherwise legitimate companies like Gevelia & Sears. As long as idiots respond to Spam it will continue.
    And for the ‘opt-out’ feature – the experts agree that just confirms your address is good & increases your fliklihood of getting more Spam.
    As a couple of posters here have suggested, the only answer is to completely boycott the company. To that I add: let the company know it! I saw got a Spam from Sears for a product I had been thinking about buying, a home improvement item; I marked Sears off my list.
    Take back the Internet!

  24. ellis

    Wow! This thread has been going a long time.
    As a miniscule competitor of Gevalia I thought I would add my two cents worth. Our marketing is done through carefully screened marketing companies primarily through advertisements on websites which have a connection to coffee! We never knowingly allow a company to spam anyone and each contract has language prohibiting the practice. The problem is that if someone spams then the company becomes the last to know. We have not had this problem but perhaps it is because we are so small. Even though I think our coffee is better I give Gevalia a lot of credit for getting where they are today. I don’t think they would “knowingly” spam anyone but when you are their size it probably happens anyway.

  25. PissedOffDude

    Well, I’ve read the byline and Will’s update re fines and understand that this is an ancient thread. Guess what?
    THEY’RE STILL SPAMMING!!! And they’re STILL employing abusive and illegal approaches (forged headers, faked headers, sending to non-opt-in addresses, opt-outs that don’t work).
    To ellis above who said “I don’t think they would “knowingly” spam anyone…” Sorry, but they are well aware of the problem and have been for years. As Will’s message demonstrates, in fact, Kraft Foods, their parent company, has been sued/fined over continuing abuses related to Gevalia.
    You knuckleheads above who say “live with it” don’t understand the impact on people who are trying to run a business these days. Beyond just being a pain in the @ss, it’s a huge cost to me in terms of time, personnel resources, and real money. Virtually all other legitimate companies understand this. People like you who actually respond to this cr@p ARE the problem.
    Regardless what you think of Gevalia’s products, they have an extraordinarily abusive record as far as spam goes. Beyond being illegal, it reflects very poorly on the company and their products. Their continuing pattern of disregard and abusive practices should tell you something about the company itself. I will NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM GEVALIA.

  26. Morepissedoffthanu

    So..the answer to world peace and hunger and poverty and kids getting killed in schools and politicians balls deep in perverted sexual acts is…TO SPEND ALL THIS TIME WORRYING ABOUT GEVALIA COFEEE???? WOW!!! If all of you great thinkers and anti-spam activists spent one tenth of your time devoted to real issues maybe this world would start changing for good… Come on get real and get in touch with what really matters….

  27. bleu

    I would suggest less coffee and more sedatives for the person complaining about spam mail. I have a spam department into which my email mail person deposits anything which smells like spam. And I don’t mean the Ham kind either.
    Some people take life too serious.

  28. ladylysis

    Do you people really thing Gevalia sends out those emails? Hell no! They contract out some email advertising to some bozo company that wins a contract by bidding that they will solicit three bazillion individuals by email. Should companies be more responsible in overseeing their subs? Yes, but geez… it’s a very small digital file. Why don’t people complain about junk snail mail this much?!
    Everyone should be using an email filter in this day and age anyway. One never even needs to use one’s email address on the ‘net to get added to some spam list; our friends and business contacts can give that information out, too. Which is why I use Yahoo’s webmail; it has a great Spam filter, and anything it doesn’t catch I just press the little “Spam” button and I never see it again. Gevalia, by the way, is in their “default” spam list.
    Peace and java, people.

  29. metoo

    well, What I’m learned from all this reading. 1.Gevalia makes very good coffee.
    2. At least some in the company, are not honest.
    3. The Federal Gov. gets the prize once more!

  30. Aubrey Toole

    You bunch of cry babies…..stop whining and delete the emails or send them to your spam folder.
    I have used Gavelia products for over 10 years, their products are TOP LINE. They stand behind everything they sell.
    I have a question for all the cry babies..have you looked in your snail mailbox lately? How many “spam” letters do you get there each day? Go to your local Post Office and complain about that.
    One more thing to you whiners…GET A FREAKIN LIFE!!!!
    Aubrey Toole
    Myrtle Beach, S C.



  32. canacoffeguy

    I like their coffee and really dont give a crap about spam.
    It’s their stupid coffe maker that ticks me off!! WHO MADE THE DAM THING FOR THEM ANYWAY. They are so ashamed of buying it from a second hand maker and putting their name ob it i guess.
    I would LIKE to get a gold filter to brew with instead of paper filters. SHEESH I HATE PAPER FILTERS!!! you have no idea….
    Anyway none of the standard gold filters that fit 99.9% of all the other makers out there will fit this dam machine. AND when you pour it takes a half our because you have to let the coffe trickle out of the pot while suffering steam burns or it will spill out over the lip design of the caraffe and allover the counter top. We just cant have that happening, not at 6am!!
    TIme to chuck this POS and bring the karupps back out of the basement.

  33. Tammy

    HEY, I just ordered one of those coffee makers! I don’t know if I should cancel now or what!

  34. Barbara

    I have been a Gevalia customer for some long time now, and today I closed all my accounts. I think you should know why.
    I have received, on more than one occasion, whole bean coffees that were not vacuum packed. And I have received whole bean coffees that were. My daughter, to whom I had introduced Gevalia years ago…and who had closed her account with you recently…..looked at my latest shipment and commented that one box was not vacuum packed…these where whole beans….and one was….it was ground. She understood the difference and advised me to return the whole bean coffee, as it was not vacuum sealed, therefore, would not stay fresh. I note that the bag was a vacuum sealable bag, but not vacuum packed. Across the past week, including this morning, I have been given three entirely different answers to this seemingly simple question: do you vacuum seal your whole bean coffees?
    Yes, but only whole bean special edition coffees. No, never for whole beans. Yes, all packages, vacuum sealed or not, are usable. No, all loosely packed beans should be returned. No, all vacuum packed, brick-like bags of whole beans should be returned.
    So I looked at my whole larder of Gevalia coffees, and based on all those conflicting answers, I should be returning ALL of my stash. You know what? I’m not going to make that effort. I’ll just toss ALL of the coffee. My loss, but I have learned a fine lesson: you folks who answer the phone at customer service have no idea what you are talking about. I no longer think any of my coffee is safe to use; could be fresh, or could be dangerous, and that is what I will tell all of the people who have received Gevalia coffees from me. I’ll apologize to them and strongly advise them to discard my gifts.
    You website states this: EACH COFFEE IS VACUUM SEALED AND PACKED shortly after roasting to ensure the highest standards of quality…there is no distinction between whole or ground beans, no distinction between varietals, special editions or anything else. Your claim is a bold-faced statement and I should not only be able to rely on it, I should easily have it corroborated by any one of your staff who answers the phone.
    My disappointment level is quite high, and since I also provide your coffee to my office, I’ll stop that, too. Looking for a clear answer to a simple question has gained me nothing but confusion and frustration. I have persistently made the effort to achieve understanding, and failed. I note to you that for the most part your staff have been patient, and interested, except for the last person, who just read her script as she is directed, and closed my accounts. And she added to the confusion, saying NOTHING is vacuum sealed and that those brick-like bags were the ones to be returned for replacement. Were you me, you would feel as I do. I will not return. Please do not solicit me again; I have located another coffee supplier with clear answers.

  35. Luigi

    To all the whiners out there: haven’t you heard of a program called a spam blocker? There must be hundreds of them!
    By the way, I have ordered from Gevalia the last 10 years and never, never have they tried to fool me. I must have gotten more than 10 coffee makers from them and their coffee is indeed very tasteful.

  36. PetroStar

    You guys are stupid. Do you stop shopping at a store when you receive adds in the mailbox from them??
    Isn’t that the same thing as spam, only it is in the computer.
    The coupons are the devil, don’t shop anywhere or buy anything.
    Please end your lives and delete this worthless page of crap.

  37. zee zee

    I am very happy for this site. In my experience, Gevalia is terrible to do business with. I’ve never been so dissatusfued with a company before. They simply do not care about their customers. We received a broken package in the mail that was not our order…then we were told we would be mailed the correct order which never arrived. In the meantime we disposed of the broken product. When I called back to find out what had become of our order we were told we had to ship the broken item back first. So they wanted me to pay for their damaged items and poor customer service. When I balked I was made to feel as if we didn’t matter anyway. I warn you not to buy from this company!!!!!!!!!

  38. CafeKitty

    Wow. I wound up here because I was looking for info on just how good Gevalia coffee is really considered to be~I work at a coffee shop and such matters are important to me, I guess, lol. This search was inspired by an EMAIL OFFER I received from the company, which apparently is no surprise to anyone.
    What does surprise me is A) all the fuss about an unsolicited ad-I mean, as someone said above, we receive coupons, etc., in the mail, paper, etc. all the time, and that’s cool with most people; and B) why does everyone still receive so much spam anyway? I’ve been on and around the net for about 5 years now, emailing, blogging, and shopping away; I have both Yahoo and Hotmail accounts; and I receive maybe 5-10 unwanted emails a day, tops, and often some of those go straight to Hotmail’s “junk” folder anyway. What are you people doing to attract hundreds of spam mails a day??? And why doesn’t your email provider deal with most of them???
    In mho, we are all pretty lucky to be sitting at our desks discussing an issue as frivolous as spam on the web~I think life could be just a little bit worse?

  39. Espen

    Miss Kitty:
    The reason you do not get a lot of spam on Hotmail is because Microsoft is spending millions to filter it out, as is every other technology company. Spam makes up more than two thirds of all email. Personally, I spend at least two hours every week getting rid of spam from the various websites I have. So as a single user you don’t see the problem. But ask anyone with technical responsibility, and they get that murderous look in their eyes….
    Spam is simply a cancer on the Internet, and any company that engages in spam advertising is adding to the problem.

  40. Dan

    I’ve been a Gevalia customer for nearly 10 years? To tell the truth I have never gotten an email other than a response to a query off of their website and their coffee is 100x better than that Starbuck crap. As noted in many comments above, if you sign up you can cancel at any time. Last offer I saw was free maker, 2 boxes of coffee for something like $10 or some such and cancel anytime thereafter. Geez, get over it and program your spam filter if you do get such things.

  41. me

    C’mon folks. Open up a “junk” e-mail account thru yahoo, gmail hotmail or whatever. Use it whenever you buy crap and let the spam fill up your inbox. Who cares. NEVER use a primary e-dress for purchases.

  42. charlotte r. fontenot

    you sent my coffee & coffee maker & even though i was not a coffee drinker my associates @ work loved it & SO DID I. I loved the special blends you have & have never been happier with your products.Tank you ever so much!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Sarah

    Don’t buy the coffee maker!!! I have never in my life had a unit die on me especially after ONE month. ONE! What a waste of money! Mr. Coffee… I’m coming back to you!

  44. Spam Sucks

    I don’t know who is more pathetic — the spammers or their apologists.
    Keep up the good work, Espen!

  45. nac

    It’s now the end of the year 2008 and you will be unsurprised to learn that:
    –Gevalia is still using spammers for its emails. I receive one or two per day, each one from a different sender, most of them faked.
    –Gevalia still sends the same “apology” email if you complain, claiming they “never” use spammers, but only “opt-in” emailers. Which is, obviously to anyone subjected to this flood of spam, a lie.
    I agree with the earliest poster who said we should refuse to buy any Gevalia products. Clearly, the idiots who buy it thru the spam ads (and like it) are rewarding this abuse and are happy about it. Because they are idiots who continue to miss the point.
    I have been unable to find what happened to the CAN-SPAM lawsuit filed against Gevalia in 2005. Anybody?

  46. Iain Brown

    According to Wikipedia ( the suit was “resolved” and dismissed.
    I stumbled upon this blog entry after Googling Gevalia + spam, since there seems to be a new spate of messages. I’ve had four in just the last six hours at my work email. I’ve seen Gevalia spam for years, and wondered “why Gevalia,” but with this latest outbreak I decided to poke around.
    I thought that perhaps, since Gevalia spam has become so much part of our inboxes that malware authors had started hiding behind it, but no, these really *are* Gevalia affiliates. If I follow (carefully, on a secure virtual machine) the links in the email, I’m redirected *to*, and presumably anything I ordered would be credited to the referrer.
    The last three messages have two sources: and
    I have a number of comments after reading the thread here.
    – I sincerely hope that those who claim that Gevalia spam is legitimate and/or no big deal are either trolls (likely) or affiliate spammers themselves. I would hate to think that a significant percentage of the public think that it’s okay for a major corporation to encourage wasting bandwidth and time with spam.
    – It isn’t always possible to mask your email address. I don’t care about the one I’ve used here; I *do* care about my work email, but precisely because it *is* my work email, there are times that I have to use it. From those, it leaks out into spammer lists.
    – Whoever is doing the spamming, Kraft *is* profiting from the spam, and *are* aware that it’s happening. The first part is demonstrable if they ever check their affiliate payment records, and the second by setting up an email account and waiting for the spam to arrive. The fact that they choose not to police their affiliates makes it Kraft’s responsibility.
    – I used to enjoy Gevalia coffee, back before the days of mass email. Over the last few years I’ve assumed that the Gevalia spam was the work of independent resellers or a scam. Now that I discover that it’s encouraged by Kraft’s affiliate scheme and not policed by them, I won’t touch Gevalia coffee again.
    A boycott means very little in the end. Spam will sell more coffee than a boycott will prevent, but it’s still better than nothing. The answer really has to be a punitive lawsuit, because without it other companies are going to follow suit. Amazon has shown that you can have an affiliate program without spam. It’s time to force Kraft to follow suit.

  47. Nat

    If you don’t want to have your card to be charged after you cancel or receive orders you didn’t ask for, sign up with your credit card using shop safe feature. This only applies to people who have a credit card that offers ‘shop safe’ (bank of america, citi..). This what i did yesterday when i signed up for the gevalia promotion of 2 coffees for $14.95 and a free coffeemaker. I used shop safe and gevania can not charge more that $14.95. So, next time they try to charge my card it’ll be declined.

  48. Bob D

    Sniveling idiots you’re gonna be hard pressed to find a better tasting columbian. I’m gonna order a bunch right now cause it tastes so good. While I’m at it I’m gonna grab some Jamaican Blue Mountain the Mercedes of coffee. Betcha anything it’s delicious if it isn’t I’ve lost that much money dropped on the street many times over the years.
    Like others have said poor baby has to push a delete button. Hope that’s the worst thing to happen to you in life jackball. Don’t hurt your finger on the delete. Can’t wait to get my package from Gevalia.

  49. jkeltonga

    I have been having a similar problem. They keep sending me “samples” and billing for it. I called to cancel, and somehow talked me out of it. Good coffee, but terrible business practices.

  50. M.Bruce

    I don’t give a dam how good their coffee is…if it is so good, why do they have to stoop to spaming..Just saw an email and went thru the sign up -NOTHING stated anything about signing up for a membership…so screw you Galvalia..if you approached me differently I would have tried your coffee….you loose Gavalia…there are a lot of coffee makers out there.

  51. Nic

    I absolutely love Gevalia. Only a moron would believe that they would continually send you coffee in the mail and that you would never have to pay for it. IT is a business. I have never had any problems with spam and if you are intelligent enough to know how to actually read and pay attention they disclose EVERYTHING about their program when you place your order. If you don’t want them to send you coffee automatically just freakin cancel your dead gum order. No big deal.

  52. Theresa

    One comment above included this:
    “This is the thing I don’t understand — and no one on this thread has answered it: Why would a seemingly high-class company like Gevalia stoop to spamming?”
    How else are companies going to make us aware they exist – it’s either commercials, which most of us are bored by and try to fast forward through, if possible, or paper mail, which is a much more serious waste of resources, or advertising in print publications, which these days are losing most of their readership, or cyberspace. If they do nothing to reach the public, they will never sell their product or service. And there are a lot of jobs and people’s lives behind those products and services.
    The last one in that marketing list, cyberspace, is the least wasteful and most efficient. And of course it does get results. It is not a sin on the part of those customers who respond to Gevalia spam, even if some would prefer that no one respond positively to unsolicited email.
    As to “wasting bandwith and time,” from another comment above, I would rather that, than wasting all the resources that go into making and delivering paper junk mail.
    It is not Gevalia or any other company’s problem that some are getting too much email, or that I am getting waaaay too many paper catologs and other junk mail at my house. I can either find ways to decrease it or just throw it away. I do have to delete about 20 spam emails a day, which is a heck of a lot easier than recycling my paper mail.
    The reality is that my email address these days is no more private information than the address of my house, and either one is going to be reached by advertisers.
    Success or failure in marketing is the single factor that will make or break most businesses. As a former entrepreneur, I learned the hard way how challenging it is to reach the right target audience and get results. So more power to whomever has find a way to crack that nut and stay in business as long as Gevalia has.

  53. Ray Blackhurst

    Sorry Gevalia. I’m done with the poor service. The coffee is not to bad, but I can find the same deal with a dedicated roasting company such as and the coffee is wonderful. Oh, and the service is better, the coffee is out of this world, and new members get the free gift too.
    I’ve switched. Sorry!

  54. Max

    This really cracks me up. Are you telling me a few electronic pieces of spam mail are REALLY bothering you this much? Get a damn life. Theres nothing ultimately for free and your a dumbass for thinking there is. But in the meantime, lets write a complaint letter to every company who sends a spam mail that takes all of .01 seconds to hit delete on. OH THE MISERY.
    Freaking Loser.

  55. Sara

    I ordered 2 pod brewers through and i am having problems getting either of them to work? the water won’t pump through the machine? i am not an unintelligent person and can even set up a vcr…is there something i am missing here? can anyone help? of course tells me to contact gevalia and gevalia tells me to take it up with woot–so, is this a case of ‘you get what you pay for’ since i only paid 9.95 each?

  56. Kevin

    Speaking of delete buttons–I wish I could hit one for this entire page. Espen: “Extremely Stupid Person Engaged in Nonsense.”
    I can’t believe you ask for my e-mail address to post a comment!!!! ARE YOU TRYING TO SPAM ME?!?!?!?!
    I’m now deleting this page from my browser history lest I stumble upon it again.

  57. cust serv

    regarding and the coffee pods. Gevalia doesnt sell coffee pods anymore, so i suggest you complain where you purchASED IT. gevalia stopped selling it years ago, and if its out for order at other websites right now, they have purchased it from gevalia years ago, stocked it and sold it again. thats why its not working anymore

  58. Robert Greenwald

    I stopped using my credit card with Gevalia Coffee, but I was sent 2 shipments before I was sent a bill.
    No one from Gevalia called or E-mailed me to asked if I wanted any more coffee. When I called Gevalia,
    now answering in the Philippines, the customer service rep. told me I had to pay. To which I replied, “no Way”. After I bit of a verbal tussle,
    I got my way. I offerred to send them back if they would send me a pre-paid shipping label but that was not acceptable to them.

  59. bill

    Gevalia is cheap ass coffee that is sold for about $3.50 a pound in Sweden. You are being fooled and taken for a ride if you think your are getting your money’s worth.

  60. plonker

    “This really cracks me up. Are you telling me a few electronic pieces of spam mail are REALLY bothering you this much? Get a damn life.”
    You bothered to write a post on this page, and you’re telling someone ELSE to get a life? Yes, spam is a minor inconvenience, like seeing litter on the sides of the road. And if I could ship you and all the pro-spam people to live in garbage dumps, I would.

  61. leroy

    wow, people spamming and complaining, why don’t I care. That coffee rocks just don’t be a fool and fall for things that don’t quite add up to what you perceive as quality or a good deal. So they’re trying to sell a cheap coffee maker, but instead of falling for it just buy the coffee and don’t get gipped on the maker. And get over yourself if you can’t handle or figure out spam – get a new email if you need to. People are this dumb I guess.

  62. Shane

    My Sister talked me into ordering a Gevalia Coffee maker after she purchased one. The deal was great, a coffee maker, and maybe 2 lbs of coffee for twenty dollars. However, she did warn me to make sure that I properly cancel my membership after recieving the package in the mail. I did so and they didn’t over charge me or send me anything else.
    However, one month or so later on my coffee maker stopped working correctly. And the tragic thing about it was that I was brewing some KONA COFFEE(not Gevalia) at the time of the incident. The coffee was ruined and at $35 a pound that didn’t sit well with me.
    After my initial purchase I never bought anymore of Gevalia’s products or coffee, and nor will I. Their coffee is ok, it’s not high quality coffee.
    Anyway, the reason why I posted is to state that Gevalia’s coffee maching is rubbish, their spam is out of control, and their coffee is really just average. DO NOT waste your money on this offer of a machine that breaks after a month or so. And try to find a local coffee roaster to purchase your coffee from.

  63. Brian

    Anyone interested in bringing a class action lawsuit against Gevelia? I’m in Cincinnati, Oh and have copied my correspondence with Gevelia with repeated request for them to take me off their mailing list. If we cost them enough money maybe it will send a message to all companies that conduct business unethically to stop. We can start with Gevelia and go from there. I would love nothing more than to spend my free time ruining these people.

  64. Spam Sucks

    2.5 years after my previous post, I decided to check back in.
    It seems that there are still a lot of morons here, not only buying Gevalia’s garbage machines and sewer water coffee, but apologizing for Gevalia’s scummy marketing practices.
    Frankly, I can’t believe how pathetic these people are. The way that they get down on their hands and knees to lick Gevalia’s boots is mind-boggling.

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