Paul Graham with new book

Wired has a review of Paul Graham‘s new book Hackers and Painters. The book is (apparently, since I haven’t read it yet) a collection of Paul’s essays, some of which have been available on his (stylish and minimalistic) web site for some time. Paul Graham, of course, should be a hero to every Web user for his popularization of the “Bayesian” spam filtering technique, now employed in Mozilla and almost every other email reader.
I haven’t managed to get hold of the book yet, but Paul’s essays are great – and you really can’t beat a quote such as “If you think you’re designing something for idiots, odds are you’re not designing something good.” Far too many applications today are user-friendly rather than usable (Blackboard, which I currently suffer to reach my students, is one example, though less bad than ClassFronter, which is too awful for words and what grade school teachers in Norway are forced to use).
So this just might be a book to get. Or, at least, a reason to go back to Paul’s site (which does not offer an RSS feed) and reread some of his excellent writings.