Growing up on cotton

John Grisham (2001): A Painted House. New York: Dell.
Interesting portrait of life in the early 1950s in a cotton-farming community in Arkansas, as told through an increasingly precocious 7 year old boy. One gets the feeling that Grisham wanted to write To Kill a Mockingbird but couldn’t quite stop being a thriller writer – consequently, a lot happens (love, birth, violence, wheather, natural disasters) in this area where nothing really happens. Still, I liked it a lot – the writing is exceptional, especially the slightly tongue-in-cheek descriptions of how news spread through the small farming community and the touching concern of the family with with their son who is in away in the Korean war. Recommended.

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  1. YNaffit

    Okay just to comment on A Painted House by John Grisham. Personally i hated it but i think it i sone of those books you either love or hate. i think grisham wrote luke(who is seven) like he was well into his teenage years if hes being schooled in the south in the fifties…i think he made the book to long and he really could have chopped it down to like 200 pages instead of the 460 in my copy…i think its a waste and even though i love to read and will sit down and finish a book in one sitting i hated this…no offece to Mr. Grisham or anyone else who liked it…i do reccommend the Pelican Brief

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