XP WiFi problem

Eirik Newth mentions having trouble with failing XP WiFi connections, and Wired writes about the same thing.
I had the same problem: If my wife turned on the her Toshiba laptop, running XP Home, at the same time I had mine on (running XP Tablet), or vice versa, our home WiFi connection would disappear (though reported as fine by XP and Toshiba’s networking software). Our children’s computers, running older versions of Windows (2000 and 98) were not affected. This problem had me stumped for a few months, with my wife and I hollering to each other about needing to get on the net. In the end, the solution was upgrading the WiFi router (from a 3 year old Linksys 10Mb to a rather newer Linksys 54Mb) and now the connection is rock steady. Still, the lack of support or even mentioning of the problem (attributed loosely to driver problems) was very irritating, as were the constant search for finding updated drivers, BIOS, networking configurator software etc.